Adult Programs

Rio Grande Counseling & Guidances Services is committed to providing effective treatment services for clients with alcohol and/or substance abuse challenges. Alcohol and Drug abuse challenges can be destructive for the abuser or addict and those who care about them.

The most difficult challenge for someone who struggles with alcohol or drugs can be to stop drinking or using. A person's brain and body can come to feel so strongly dependent on these substances that a person may think that they have no control to overcome the dependence.

Rio Grande Counseling and Guidance Services

Often, there comes the point when persons with alcohol and drug challenges can see how destructive their use and abuse has become to themselves and their loved ones. Many seek treatment services for their dependence but can struggle with their treatment. It is not uncommon for many to drop out of therapy. However, many will keep coming back to try again. It can be a lengthy recovery process, but those that keep trying to reach recovery are often successful.

Rio Grande Counseling and Guidance Services

Rio Grande Counseling & Guidance Services offers programs that can help you with specific issues in recovery. Our programs may be recommended if any of the following apply to you or a loved one.

  • Trouble at work or home due to drinking or drug use
  • You drink or use to overcome fears and anxiety
  • You drink or use because you feel depressed
  • You have been told you have severe mood swings
  • Lack of attendance or problems at school or work due to drinking or drug use
  • You drink or use because of grief and loss, including divorce
  • You drink or use because of abuse or trauma
  • You have been arrested due to drinking or drugs
  • You feel out of control and want help

How Can Rio Grande CGS Help?

Our Adult Programs

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

The IOP is a three day per week, (9 hours per week minimum) program that includes extensive outpatient medical (psychiatric) supervision, individual and family sessions, and groups. The IOP is for those clients who have struggled with alcohol or substance abuse and addiction, have tried other means of recovery (such as a detox program or Narcotics Anonymous), but the potential for relapse remains high. Our program uses a structured, evidence-based curriculum that is highly effective in treatment. Monthly progress meetings with the Medical Treatment Team are required. (12-week program minimum) Buprenorphine (Suboxone) management is offered.